What clients say about Master Pun-Yin's Feng Shui

Amazing Feng Shui Master!

My husband and I have engineering and business backgrounds and we both have been very spiritual and sensitive to energy, so, we were very picky in selecting our Feng Shui master.

Even though we live in Singapore, we came to know Master Pun-Yin’s reputation for many years already and through our extensive research in 2020, we felt we could only able to trust someone of her reputation, so, we pleaded with her to take our case helping us relocate to America.

Even though getting an appointment took months and multiply attempts, we were persistent knowing it wasn’t going to be easy getting an appointment from a famous and credible Feng Shui master like her who most likely doesn’t have enough time to respond or accept all of the consultation requests from around the world pouring at her constantly.

After several conversations, she felt we were spiritual and our hearts were in the right place. Also upon hearing this move involved our two children, so, it’s a very challenging transition in our lives, then, she finally accepted our case.

Once that happened, she was so responsive, available, detailed & helpful in the property selection process, designing the landscape & home, she removed our anxiety throughout. Master Pun-Yin also spent many hours helping us on personal matters guiding, encouraging & comforting us, way exceeded our expectations and what we paid for in every level. That kind of attitude, we felt she takes on cases as good deeds work, money was not her incentive, wanting to help people is because her other investments & big clients keep her constantly too busy. Hence it is understandable that Master Pun-Yin has to be really selective what kind of energy she wants to work with and take onto her wings as clients.

With the tremendous guidance and help from Master Pun-Yin, my family love and enjoy living at our new home in America very much. We do feel the positive changes and feel so blessed to get the help from Master Pun-Yin.

During my research, I did see 2 negative google reviews that affected her rating from those people who could not get an appointment with her and retaliated. We understood their frustrations trying to reach the master, but, felt such reviews attacking her character, integrity and professionalism were unjust as well as misleading, which has been proven not true from our own experience. Real Feng Shui Masters, especially someone like Master Pun-Yin who is so spiritual and honorable, must have their own six sense & standards in selecting clients. It is not a surprise a famous master of her caliber must have a very specific meter when and who she wants to take on as clients. We respect that, even though we feel sad that we could not get the annual update service from her these two years. Fortunately, her annual forecast and advises published in the Sing Tao Newspaper and other publications really help anyway.

Having to spoken with her many times during our consultation, we felt she is simply the best Feng Shui Master who is wise, kind, caring, loving, patience, humble, down-to earth and full of knowledge. We feel so blessed to have gotten help from her. We were very grateful she took us on as her client and felt it was not money that made her chose us, is about the kind of people/energy she wants to work with. - Ying Li Jan. 2022

How can I ever thank you??!!

I was searching for someone to help me break the negative cycles that had trapped me for years, using Feng Shui. My friend, an acupuncture therapist recommended Mater Pun-Yin. She came to my apartment in New York, and after one session I clearly understood how she got her reputation as a true master of the ancient art and science of Feng Shui. She exuded warmth, wisdom and an uncanny ability to analyze everything that was going wrong with my life and how to fix them.

Her compassion and honesty helped me understand what I was doing wrong, gave me the courage to change my attitude and take control of my life in a positive way. Her Feng Shui recommendations made my home look ten times bigger and more beautiful! After meeting Pun Yin, I feel true clarity about how to improve my life in the personal and professional levels. I feel the negative thought patterns, the clutter in my mind and in my house have been swept away! I only wish I had met her years ago! - Maura Moynihan

My husband and I are very excited about this new phase in our lives

«Dear Pun Yin,

You came to our house in the first half of 2012 during a time when my husband and I were experiencing difficulties and deep unhappiness in my husband's professional life. Your in-depth analysis of our Five Elements Astrology charts and detailed recommendations of the changes in our home and our minds led us to several amazing benefits.

About 3 months after your visit, your prediction of a promotion materialized for my husband. Then a month later, he left that firm and got hired at his top choice company in a more senior position. Since then, career life for my husband has taken a 180 turn for the better in terms of financial gains and pleasant colleagues.

Additionally, the changes we made in our home have created a very warm atmosphere that our guests always compliment it as cozy with a sense of positive energy flowing.

One of your main recommendations was also to have a baby. We took your advice and really tried to have the baby in the year of the Horse as you had mentioned would be most beneficial for us. We had a beautiful baby girl just making it in time to be within the year of the Horse.

My husband and I are very excited about this new phase in our life and we truly believe you have helped us to reach this point.

Thank you so much!» - Sabari Pal Feb. 2015

Cannot say enough good words about Pun-Yin

“I recently (past December) invited Pun-Yin into my life to help with a little energy issue. Turns out her Feng Shui service is far more than that. I had my chart done along with a home consultation. The insight she gave me into my world and my mind were amazing.

I quickly got to work on all the changes with a deadline of today, Feb 3rd, to complete them. Within the first couple of weeks I noticed an increase in my physical engery and most of all a better mental attitude. I also gained some amazing clarity about where I am and where I am going. Now, on the day of my deadline, I am 95% complete of all items (honestly- would have been easier to move- but worth the work). I am feeling 100% better and just amazed at how my home feels now.

Whether it be the fact that I have more energy or the change in the energy flow I am not sure, but I found that I all of a sudden had the drive to do some things I had been thinking about for a long, long time. The shift in emotional and mental attitude is ongoing and positive. Keep in mind, it is not just move a chair and then wha-la… money here or problems gone:) – it is about (for me) how your energy changes and body and mind align so you can make your life what you need.

Too soon to know how the business changes are happening but I do know they are. Thanks Pun-Yin!” – Brooksie Hughes


“I definitely see improvement Pun-Yin is very talented” – Srilatha Reddy

Pun-Yin Feng Shui, Best investment we ever made

“We are extremely glad we contacted Pun-Yin back in late 2010. We felt extremely comfortable with Pun-Yin right from the start; it was as though we had known her for a long time. Pun-Yin has an exceptional knowledge of Feng Shui and her pleasant demeanor in her delivery of advice facilitated our openness with her.

We feel that her Feng Shui suggestions improved our life and that we are now in improved circumstances. We watched our ambitions come to fruition as we implemented Pun-Yin’s advice. ” – Vincent Marino


“The advice of Feng Shui Master Pun-Yin has been so profound, relevant and personalized! My personal and professional life changed from chaotic to very balanced since I worked with her a few months ago. She lives up to her reputation and publicity. I completely understand why she has so many loyal clients. She has helped me balance not only my office and home environments, but my consciousness as well: I’m able to think more clearly about my goals and come up with better strategies to reach them. I was researching Feng Shui for a long time and I now see that the books I read before gave only vague and general information that I was not able to really make important changes with.

I kept searching to find a real master with real training & a track record that I could verify. Even though I had an intuition of what I wanted, until I worked with Master Pun-Yin, I could not imagine how great a difference the insight of a real master would make in the actual results within my own life. The power of authentic Chinese Feng Shui is, in short, AMAZING! Having a GREAT Feng Shui Master like Pun-Yin on my side gives me the competitive edge I desired.

The results started happening in my life quickly after taking her advice. I know I am so blessed to have found her… the experience with her has been priceless… ~ Dr. Julissa” – Dr. Julissa Hernandez-Guzman, ND

The only Feng Shui Master I trust.

“Three years ago I invited Master Pun-Yin to come to St.Louis MO. After she did the Feng Shui prescriptions and I made the changes I quickly felt healthier emotionally, physically and energetically.

A legal matter that had weighed on me was resolved favorably, our stock investments became profitable, various business challenges turned around and to our amazement our business has been doing better than ever even in this very challenging economy that has hurt the majority of businesses.

Master Pun-Yin’s insights and coaching helped me improve various relationships & my son has excelled in school since her visit. Master Pun-Yin is my most trusted counsel in both business & personal life because of her objective, effective, practical and compassionate advice. She is is very comforting and empowering. I am so lucky to have her help me in all those critical moments of my life since the 90′s. Without her, I wouldn’t have such an easy and wonderful life today. Deep appreciation from my true heart! ” – Winnie Cheang

A Transformational Consultant

“Pun-Yin is a truly transformation consultant that brings more to a business than moving around furniture. Her comprehension and knowledge of organizational behavior, executive leadership, strategic management, and business fundamentals make her indispensable to any organization wanting success.

Her mastery of Feng Shui is profound in that she is rooted in the traditional practice and is able to apply her proficiency to the modern business environment. I was lucky to work on a new office project with Pun-Yin and was amazed at how rapidly she was able to diagnosis and provide solutions to the primary business problems.

The solutions that were implemented by the business owner resulted in immediate improvements. I would highly recommend Pun Yin to anyone looking to improve their business or life she is a true gift.” – Jim Gera


“business plans include marketing strategies, finance forcasts and other vital issues in a company’s survival and propserity. Feng Shui is the must have tool to tie everything together. ” – Frederic Rambaud

Pun-Yin helps you get out of your own way, if you apply her wisdom.

“I have found somethings in this life are beyond our understanding and, for me, I have made decisions that are not right for me, but I still made them not knowing any better. How many of you can say the same for yourself?

I heard of Pun-Yin’s track record and reputation when I was faced with a difficult decision. I made a choice, foolishly, to buy into a business opportunity, but Pun-Yin advised me that particular path at this point in my life was not suited for me, rather I should focus on a Healthcare career which was better aligned with my nature. I chose to listen to her wise counsel canceling business opportunity and stay focused on Healthcare. This was not easy for me, however, afterwards, I felt better and more certain the way forward will open up for me.

Even now, where I am typing this testimonial is in the place in my home that Pun-Yin suggested I work on my job search from to get the maximum results. What Pun-Yin can offer you cannot be obtained in a book, a DVD or a weekend seminar. She customizes a solution for you based on YOU.

What I had to do was get past my own feelings of disbelief and pride of getting in my own way because there was a better way, if I just trusted and applied Pun-Yin’s wisdom. I experienced this for myself and that is why I am happy to write this testimonial. This is not magic or science fiction and I am trying my best to write it in simple, practical terms. Pun-Yin has had special training and experiences which can decipher ourselves and aspects of our environment which can help support us in the best possible way.

I highly recommend Pun-Yin, and invite you to put aside your own disbelief and get out of your own way too. Contact Pun-Yin today and see for yourself how your life and home experience can improve with her guidance.” – Thomas Abraham

Five star Feng Shui

“Pun-Yin is the most reliable Feng Shui master. She is such a pleasant person to work with and makes us feel so fortunate and happier.” – Hiroko Murase

Thank you, Pun-Yin!

“Pun-Yin is a true master of Feng Shui. She analyzed our home, both outside and inside, along with our astrology charts. All of her suggestions made great improvements to the look and energy flow of our environment. It was a very special, spiritual experience. ” – Amy Zerner and Monte Farber

Getting a Change for the Better

“We had a great opportunity to work with Master Pun Yin. She helped us with our home/office area and soon after we could tell the difference around the house. We were so pleased with the way she was dealing with our challenges. If you are facing a difficult time or if you need guidance to make a right choice, Master Pun-Yin is definitely the feng shui master to call, without any doubt. If you are truly ready for commitment and want to change your life for better, just follow the advice that Master Pun-Yin is giving you. We know because we did it and it’s awesome. Thank you Master Pun Yin.” – Jasmina and Dragan Dragojevic

Master Pun Yin’s Feng Shui Changed My Life!

“I consulted Pun-Yin about one year ago. I was having a very difficult time, I lost my job and I lived on credit card. She was very kind and professional. Since she rearranged my studio apartment and gave me advice, my life started to change. I now have a great job, I love my new studio, I was able to pay all my credit card debts and even start dating! I will always be very grateful to her.” – Paola VARVARO

Pun Yin is the best

“Since Pun-Yin rearranged my office my business has tripled and things have become more smooth. I definitely recommend anyone that want to turn around their business or just make things better to give Pun Yin a call. ” – Johnny Su

Respect, Kindness and Wisdom

“After Pun-Yun’s visit, shifts toward harmony started subtly happening. Our apartment became more of a nurturing sanctuary for me and my family. Her guidance and advice are given with the greatest respect and kindness and wisdom. Thank you Pun-Yin.” – Betsy Haddad

Pun-Yin Feng Shui Review

“Fantastic work – exceptional service – phenomenal results! If u are interested in or want to: – renting – buying  – selling a home – planning to move – give ur old place a new feel – starting a business  – boost ur business Or anything having 2 do with design Only call Pun-Yin! Now! JM New York ” – John M

It was a pleasure to work with Master Pun-Yin

“I had the privilege of working with Master Pun-Yin with regard to my home and business. I was amazed with her high professionalism and her deep understanding of human relationships. Her wisdom was very helpful and guided me in the right direction. She helped me improve my business and the energy in my home has completely changed after her audit. My kids loved Master Pun-Yin, and I feel blessed to know her. Overall Master Pun-Yin is the best Feng Shui Master and I look forward to working with her again in the future. ” – Nada Dragojevic


“Pun-Yin is amazing. Everything she told me about myself was so true. I couldn’t believe how accurate she was. She is definitely changing my life. I am telling all my friends about her. ” – Mary A

More Money More Friendship Less Stress

“Since I have been following and implementing Pun-Yin’s feng shui prescriptions I have paid off all my credit card debt and saved more money than ever before. Pun-Yin solved the “money down the drain” that was happening in my apartment. Also, my apartment has become a pleasing refuge for me, and all my guests remark on the same beautiful quality.” – Mimi F