An on-site consultation with Master Pun-Yin can be a profoundly empowering experience.

Master Pun-Yin will examine every aspect of the home or workplace, including an analysis of all on-site objects on an energetic level to ensure the most positive results.


The process begins with your custom Five Elements reading, which will determine your unique Feng Shui prescription. From there, Master Pun-Yin will walk the site as she takes compass readings with the traditional Feng Shui compass (known as a luo-pan) and enumerates all the ways in which the flow of energy is currently impeded.

The vibrations of the luo-pan applies to both objects and the people who inhibit the space. Clients will receive prescriptions through which the space and inhabitants will be harmonized based on the Five Elements composition, and the solar and earth energy of the site. At the end of the session, each client will receive Master Pun-Yin's customized notes.


For larger projects which involve more entities, Master Pun-Yin meets with the clients, architects, engineers, interior designers, and other stakeholders.

Adjusting the energy of your home and office space leads to improvements in balance, relationship, and career.